If you want to use FME to train or train students, develop a concept or simply entertain yourself,
you can get a free FME Desktop license.

License Classroom

If you teach at an accredited academic institution, you can obtain free licenses for FME Desktop and FME Server for your students. Click here to apply.

Students’ degree

FME Desktop: free student license

If you are currently a student, Safe Software allows you to obtain a free license for FME Desktop. Valid for 4 months and renewable as long as you meet student status, this license can be accessed in seconds by filling out this form.

It should be noted that this license is strictly for an academic purpose and cannot be used for your professional projects.

If you have graduated from post-secondary school within the last three years, please refer to the Young Graduates program giving you access to one year of free use of FME Desktop.

Personal license

Your free personal FME Desktop license

This free 6-month license is intended for any individual wishing to use FME for personal purposes: prototyping, training, discovery… Only one constraint: the prohibition of the use of this licence for production or marketing purposes.

To get it, click on this link and fill out the form.