vMap is a powerful webmapping application based on the newest open-source libraries (OpenLayers 3, Google-Closure, AngularJS, Bootstrap…). It can use external map services, local data files produced in many formats (WMS, WMTS, Bing, OSM, GPX, GeoJSON, KML, TopoJSON…) or publish WMS services using MapServer. vMap is able to manage business objects while using WMS producing server software like MapServer, GeoServer, QGIS Server or ArcGis Server.

  • Secure connection
  • Authentication (by BD, MS-Active Directory or LDAP Directory)
  • Public and private WMS streams
  • Geographic filters
  • Geographical consultation
  • Management of business objects (creation, consultation, updating…)
  • Cadastre Module
  • ANC Module
  • Soil Rights Management Module (OpenAds, CartAds)
  • Snapping tool
  • Comparison fashion
  • GetFeatureInfo support
  • Real-time collaborative work
  • Users management: roles, rights…
  • Forms creation studio
  • PDF and Doc reports generation
  • Print
  • Available on smartphones and tablets

vMap can be used to consult public streams but can also generate WMS streams thanks to the integration of MapServer. There is a two-part architecture: vMap (client) and VAS (Vitis Application Server – server). The mix of both these components provides an ergonomic, secure and scalable working environment.

Veremes provides all the services required to operate vMap in a professional environment: installation, technical support, training, development, customization, data integration… Veremes’ commitment guarantees the sustainability and openness of vMap.

Available features

Publish queryable layers using MapServer and WMS GetFeatureInfo

The map view allows you to click on an item and display the GetFeatureInfo result.

Use the MapServer mode to create WMS layers with an HTML query templates.

Publish queryable layers using vMap business objects

WMS GetFeatureInfo requests are limited. To go further, use the vMap business objects that allow you to edit and insert data using full customizable forms.

A powerful graphic interface will help you create complex forms with more than 30 different fields’ types, external datasources etc…

Snapping features when editing geometries

Geographic data quality is essential. To avoid superpositions you can activate the snapping while creating or editing features.

Compare maps

You can use the compare button to compare two different maps and make PDF prints of them.

Mobile mode

vMap is also available for mobile devices, using a simple browser

You will be able to display, insert and edit data in the same way that you use your computer. A GPS connection is also available to draw features using your current position.

Display data

Query layers

Draw features


You can try vMap by using a demo account with query and update features but without administration options. Contact us if you want to try the admin features.


You can download vMap for Windows and Linux at vStore (vMap store).

vStore: store vMapvstore.veremes.net


vMap and the Vitis application server are free and available for Windows and Linux-Ubuntu

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