What is rTest?

rTest is a free and open source tool developed and published by Veremes. It allows you to automatically check that the processes designed with FME Desktop (Safe Software) produce the expected results.

rTest is all at once:

  • A grammar and syntax that allows you to build test scenarios in XML (rtest.xsd)
  • A control tool to run the test scenarios on all versions of FME Desktop (scenarioPlayer.fmw)
  • A web application to view test reports, error descriptions and log files in a simple browser (report.html)

It is also a development philosophy that considers that the developer must prove the proper functioning of his project.

For which uses?

Exemple de rapport rTest



rTest is useful at all stages of the life of an FME script.

  • During the development phase, it simplifies the work of developers by detecting regressions and providing a framework for error management
  • After production, it facilitates functional evolutions and the identification of anomalies following a version upgrade of FME, the DBMS or the operating system
  • It also enables the implementation of continuous integration chains for which test automation is a mandatory prerequisite.

How does rTest work?

Would you like a detailed overview of how rTest works? Do you want to better understand its importance for your FME processes? Are you interested in the method behind the tool?

Veremes invites you to have a look at rTest – The testing tool for FME Workspaces, a technical article presenting in detail this extension for FME.

What can Veremes do for you?

Veremes customers receive technical support for rTest as part of their FME license maintenance.

We offer assistance and training services to help you design and automate test procedures in your work environment. Veremes can also upgrade rTest to support new formats, new operators or new languages.


rTest documentation is available in English : http://documentation.veremes.net/rtest/

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