Qualigéo is an application dedicated to quality control of geographic data that relies on Safe Software’s FME Desktop software.

You will be able to control the quality of your data and look for errors or inconsistencies, but also collect information to quantify it: filling rate, distribution of values, dispersion, scope…

Qualigéo offers the tools needed to meet the different needs of a quality control project:

  • Specification of constraints
  • Control of datasets
  • Analysis of constrained errors and statistics
The constraints are the rules that the controlled data must respect: the existence of some layers, the attributes’ values, the geometries’ validity, topology, spatial relations, referential integrity, cardinality… It is also possible to define your own constraints using the Python language.

Qualigéo, for what purpose?

  • Data exchange

Data producers and users can use Qualigéo to specify the external quality of the data to be produced, to control production and to generate easily exploitable error reports. Qualigéo is used by communities, private organizations and industrial structures to qualify urban planning data or topographical plans or validate exchanges with their partners.

  • Management of reference data

Your baseline data must be flawless. Quality control is part of good organizational practices as well as managing the metadata it complements and feeds. The data’s good understanging allows their rigorous exploitation and makes the analyses more reliable. Qualigéo offers a solution to the spatial data’s validation as part of a Master Data Management (MDM) project.

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