GTF is a web application that allows you to centralize, share and document FME workspaces.

It’s a simple solution to provide access to FME to all members of an organization and solve the dispersal and maintenance problems of FME workspaces.

Each GTF user has their own personal work environment that allows them to execute FME workspaces or plan their regular execution. Administrators have the publishing and supervisory functions necessary to monitor and optimize the service.

GTF allows the load to be spread over several instances of FME Desktop, possibly heterogeneous (FME 2015, FME 2018, 32 bits, 64 bits…). This makes it possible to easily test FME version climbs and maintain old projects in a stable production environment. HTTPS, MS-Active Directory, LDAP… GTF relies on standards to ensure user authentication and secure exchanges.

The GTF interface allows users and administrators to quickly take control without specific development. It is also possible to use the application as a web service from its REST API which allows access to 100% of the software’s features.

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