Converting data between different formats and applications often involves much more than a format-to-format conversion. You may need to sort them, group them, change their shape, compare them to a database, re-project the coordinate system, etc. This is data transformation and this is one of the main features of FME.

The design of a processing is done in a completely graphic way with FME Workbench thanks to objects called Transformers that allow to change the characteristics (geometric or not) of the data without having to write a single line of code. FME contains nearly 500 Transformers that perform different types of data operations.

  • Translation
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Loading to a database
  • Extraction from a database
  • Quality control
  • Space analysis
  • Image processing
  • Creating 3D data
  • Operating or producing web services
  • Reporting
  • Geocoding
  • Concatenation
  • Attribute management
  • Reprojection
  • Restructuring
  • Geometric restructuring

Safe Software publishes the Transformers Reference Guide, a free and indispensable medium that brings together and defines the hundreds of Transformers available in FME. This Illustrated Guide is accompanied by an introduction to FME Workbench as well as a list of the main keyboard shortcuts of FME.