FME Server

Automate your FME workspaces!

FME Server - Updated GivesFME Server allows translations designed with FME Desktop to be put into production and ensure their automatic or on-demand execution in a web environment.

It’s the perfect business solution for planning tasks, processing data streams in real time or triggering an action out of any event: receiving an email, filing a file in a directory, notification…


What to do with FME Server?

FME Server is used by database administrators, application managers and ITOs to automate the execution of FME tasks in a robust, scalable and open environment. FME Server has a REST API and supports many protocols that facilitate exchange and interoperability between heterogeneous applications: JMS, WS, SNS, SQS, APN, GCM, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP.

Use FME Server on all your devices


  • Sharing FME workspaces within a working group or organization
  • Web service development
  • Real-time data collection for Smart Cities projects
  • Workflow automation
  • Planning administrative tasks
  • Database syncing
  • Data extraction application, integration, quality control
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Collaborative work
  • Easy to use
  • Configurable REST API


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Revolutionize the automation of your FME workspaces with the Automations mode

The Automations mode is an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical tool. Automatically process your data in real time by defining the events that trigger your data integration workflow. Monitor a directory, an email address, or a web service and perform the actions of your choice when an event occurs using three types of blocks with different roles:

  • Triggers (green)
  • Actions (orange)
  • External actions (blue)

By combining these elements, new downloads or data requests can be made instantly without manual intervention!


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